Charon virtualization

Most companies have production-critical systems that have been in use for a long time and will continue to be important well into the future. However, the underlying hardware has the disadvantage that it ages rapidly and becomes both more difficult and more expensive to maintain.

Sometimes the program can not be run on a newer server and thus it is not even possible to upgrade it. Reprogramming to another platform is time consuming and very expensive. Additionally, the original program code is required.

Despite the challenge there is a simple, fast and cost-effective solution. The aging hardware can be replaced with CharonĀ® virtualization installed on a new server. The entire existing system can then be transferred to the new server without any changes.

There are already many satisfied customers around the world and also in Finland. In addition to being able to continue using their system without risk, the system has in most cases also produced better performance.

Southcoast-IT helps you to solve the challenge. Do not wait too long to update your systems, we are happy to tell you more and meet your specific needs.

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