Operating systems

We have a wide selection of operating systems for which we can offer consulting services, training, support services and configuration.

  • The exceptionally high-class OpenVMS operating system that customers with high demands on both security and reliability use. The built-in cluster technology that has been a forerunner for the entire IT industry enables continuous uninterrupted production.
  • The efficient and innovative Tru64 Unix which has been widely used in high performance scientific computing systems.
  • The graphics-oriented IRIX used by both the film industry and the imaging industry.
  • Solaris which is popular in the academic world and the publishing industry.
  • HP-UX which is a workhorse in monitoring and control of industrial automation.
  • AIX which is popular in business systems.
  • Linux, which is increasingly occurring in various implementations both in workstations and servers, as well as in embedded systems such as network equipment, mobile devices, digiboxes and others.
  • Last but not least, the most common operating system in personal computers, Windows.