Virtualization is an increasingly common technology used to merge several computers and thereby reduce the number of individual computers and streamline resource consumption. Virtualization provides direct savings in the IT departments’ hardware and power costs.

With the aid of Charon® virtualization, you can virtualize computers of other architectures than Intel X86. With Charon® virtualization, you can transfer your production systems running on computers of processor architectures such as Alpha, VAX, Sparc, and PA-Risc to run on current commodity hardware platforms.

Charon® virtualization is fast and efficient. In addition, you usually get more performance from the system than with the original platform. The solution is very cost-effective and has had many satisfied customers both in Finland and internationally for several years already.

Southcoast-IT offers Charon® virtualization with ready-made complete solutions and of course also performs the migration and provides support in Finland. Southcoast-IT is a Stromasys authorized partner.

If you have systems in need of virtualization, we are happy to tell you more and give a quote:

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