Backup and crisis recovery

A company’s data is both a resource and often a prerequisite for it to survive. If all or even parts of the company’s data is suddenly lost, the company will, in the worst case, face bankruptcy.

Keeping your data in proper storage is therefore vital. Even if you have outsourced data storage to a cloud service, you should always have backups elsewhere as well.

If a computer system crashes so that it no longer starts up, or data which has been in storage can no longer be accessed, a crisis recovery must be performed. Unfortunately, you are rarely ready for it. Having a crisis recovery plan and practicing crisis recovery regularly is an important part of a company’s operations.

Southcoast-IT has many years of experience in planning and implementing backup systems as well as crisis recovery planning. Do you need to review your backup routines? Have you ever practiced crisis recovery?

Get in touch and Southcoast-IT will help you sleep peacefully without worrying about the company’s data.